First thoughts

So this is my first post.

Wow. I can’t believe i’m really doing this. Oh well, first of all, i’m 23. Wait. Why did i just reveal my age? Maybe so i could get used to it. Coz damn it i can’t really be used to being 23, (turning 24 in a few months) and still i feel that i really haven’t get the most out of my life!

I’m a type of person who likes to think. I can say that it’s my hobby. So many thoughts in my mind that my friends get mad at me for being out of this world when we’re talking. So before i start talking to myself and get crazy, i might as well share them in this blog and treat this as my release.

I don’t even know if this is a good idea. I’m supposed to be busy reading and studying for finals but i can’t stop my fingers from typing. Maybe this is adrenaline, excitement or yeah, a delaying tactic. But for whatever reason this is, i’d continue.

I do not intend to please everybody, and you shouldn’t too. I mean, it’s okay┬áto succumb to societal demands but┬áreally, it’s your life. At the end of the day, it’s you who’ll suffer or enjoy. Hence, continue giving attention to those which or who really matter. DO NOT PLEASE EVERYBODY! Stay with those who love you. That’s how you have reciprocated love.

From my age, to my frequent thinking and how i’m supposed to be busy with other things right now up to my thoughts on not being a puppet. So this is my first post. My first thoughts.